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our latest program

Welcome to Premium Life

Premium Life is the Exclusive Dating & Lifestyle Club for a great life. Live the life you´ve always dreamed of! With our unique portfolio to a awesome feeling to life.

  • More Success With Women And In Life

  • Fast Results And The First Dates Today

  • Extravagant Events
  • Valuable Knowledge In Digital Form

Club Membership

You can only join the club by purchasing one product out of our portfolio. By doing so you´ll become a member of the Premium Life Members Club and you´ll profit from unique privileges (invitations to extravagant events, 24/7 personal consultations, live answers in real time, and much more).


And the Best: Once a Member of the Club You´ll Stay in the Club!

Lifelong Membership  Extravagant Events  Unique Privileges

“The new 365 Dates Online Dating Program and the Premium Life Club have changed my life completely! I´ve met my big love at Parship and took her right to one of the exclusive events I probably would have never heard of without Premium Life. The personal support is just excellent!”“
Daniel Z. (59), Boston, happy since 2015
“The companions and especially the updates are really unique. They do always work, they´re original, and put in a nutshell without theoretical twaddle. Top quality“
Lucas J. (35), Dallas, excited since 2015

“First I was skeptical if I should really spend some money for a ‚digital book‘. But right in the first guide I´ve learned so much that I´ve bought every other product since and every time I can learn something new. With the club membership, the new products are now for free further! Thank you for the reception!”

David C. (28), Seattle, satisfied since 2015

“I have learned many new things through PREMIUM LIFE, and with every additional E-Mail, YouTube video and Premium Guide I become better with beautiful women everyday.”

Mason K. (33), Phoenix, satisfied since 2015
our latest program

Live The Life You Always Dreamed Of!

Enthusing Women Everywhere  Extraordinary Lifestyle Immediately Realizable

Get Your Free Guide: 99 Tips To Win The Hottest Women

For a short period of time you can get our latest Premium Guide by email for free


99 Tips To Win The Hottest Women 

For a short period of time you can get our latest Premium Guide by email for free.